Forum Thread: Welcome to Camping on a Budget & Glamping on a Budget

This is just a short history of my experiences trying to stay warm, cool, or dry during camping season, which to me is 52 weekends a year! From small tent, to big tent, to pop-camper, what will be next?

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First time doing a tent video. Didn't do another for a while. This is just a basic 12x12, 3 season tent. Timelapsed for brevity.

Short video of a rainstorm in the newer 14x14 tent.

Winter in a 3 season tent. :)

Fun, fun, fun, without a winter sun. 3/2017.

Old 14x14 tent was crushed from snow and rain. Welcome the 15 person, 3 room tent, still standing today in 2018. This is 4/17.

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