Forum Thread: Good Camping Recipes?

I'm a frequent camper, and usually with fairly large groups - which means I generally have to come up with at least one meal suitable for a large-ish group (usually about eight or so, we tend to rotate cooking duties). Breakfast is easy - pancakes and bacon - but I'm always looking for more dinner or lunch recipes. 

I currently have a propane stove, a sauce pan, a stock pot and a fry pan as my cooking dishes. I've made chili, beef stew and pasta & sausage successfully before. 

Any other ideas out there?

Bonus points if its a vaguely Greek recipe! 

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We like preparing things in advance and have it in containers and coolers. Of course you need your stove, pans and pots. Lots of recipes you can try in camping like veggie omelette, chicken/veggie stew, noodle soups, and of course BBQ/kebab. :-)

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