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Forum Thread: How to Make the Most Out of a Finger Lake Vacation?

Vacation is a word that brings smiles to faces and why not! It gives us an opportunity to explore a different part of our surroundings with a different perspective. A vacation can prove out to be a rejuvenating experience when done the right way. We are talking about Finger Lakes because it is easier for New York Citizens to get to the place and spend some time in the woods with their loved ones. Not just choosing a vacation rental at the Finger Lakes, but "how to" make the most out of it is ...

Forum Thread: Clogged Water faucet line

Every time we go camping in our Jayco travel trailer,  the water lines have small white sand like material that clogs the water faucet head. It happens when the trailer sits for a week or two. Is there something I can add to the tank to prevent this?

Forum Thread: Water pump question

Hey everyone. Our RV has been sitting for about 6 months. The water tank was dry and when we turned the water pump on we appear to have sucked air into the lines as the pump wont stop running when you turn the faucet off, the faucet does work but its spitting air with the water. Can anyone tell me howto get the air out of the lines. Thanks in advance Pete & Terri

Forum Thread: Good Camping Recipes?

I'm a frequent camper, and usually with fairly large groups - which means I generally have to come up with at least one meal suitable for a large-ish group (usually about eight or so, we tend to rotate cooking duties). Breakfast is easy - pancakes and bacon - but I'm always looking for more dinner or lunch recipes. 

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